Getting stuck in

The second and third week of uni has flown by so fast. It’s a complete blur. I’m feeling much more settled in and comfortable now. The girls I hang out with from my course are great and we have such a laugh. Next week we’re all going out for a meal after our lectures one day and I’m really looking forward to it, it feels like I’m finally beginning to find my feet at uni.

The workload is already starting to pile up, it’s so crazy and intense! The majority of my work is reading but there’s so so much of it! They give us a reading week just to keep up with it all. Both good and bad, when I found out we had a week off I nearly booked a holiday but now I think I’ll just be sat in my room reading the hundreds of pages set for the course. A chapter doesn’t sound like all that much to begin with but when it’s a good thirty pages of small text in long complicated sentences it takes forever. Try making notes on that quickly. I spent all day yesterday in the library. We’ve already been set an essay thats due in the Monday after next. Caused mild panic amongst all of us because we haven’t really had much information about it and all of sudden it was a chain reaction where one person says we need to do this now and everyone panics and frantically starts doing the work at once. I’ve never spent so long in a single place. I think I got to the library at half 11 and eventually left to go home at 20.45. I had a break for lunch with my friend and I went to netball practice but even so that’s a long time! I did get a first draft of the essay done as well as some reading but I can’t say I’m all that proud of it. I can say I’m very proud of how long I spent and didn’t give up though.

The highlights of my second week at uni were the trip into the city on Thursday night. And the netball social. Because it was week 2 of freshers the city was heaving. I bought a wristband for the week but hadn’t gone out before Thursday night. I was told I could pick it up on the night but when we got in the queue for Mantra it was packed and we got turned away, even after I spoke to a guy that was working and told him I was supposed to be able to pick up my wristband on the door, he still wouldn’t let us in. Sounded like Mantra was an awesome night though! Was all for trying some shisha but never mind. We went to a club called Lost instead, which used to be called Essence. It was alright in there, saw a few people I knew, we had some giggles and managed to convince the bartender we could have a free shot. One of my friends knocked over their shot and another knocked over their drink so cant say that was a huge success. Some of the group left fairly early cos they had 9am lectures but me and one girl stayed out. We got chatting to some guys outside Lost and ended up going back in. Even managed to blag it and not pay which they found quite annoying. They had seemed to quite like us but one of them ditched us the second we were inside, and the other was quite interested in my friend so we had about 3 minutes of awkward third wheel times before we ditched him. Before we headed home we were talking to some guys on the street who were hilarious, and someone I knew kept driving past in their car and beeping, which was embarrassing. The taxi home was extortionate, it’s crazy how much they can get away with charging. Glad I went for the night though cos I had a good time.

The netball social on Saturday evening was absolutely crazy. I was really nervous to go but so glad I did. We all wore white t shirts and were told to bring a bottle of drink. When we got there we had to put our drink into this massive punch bowl, with everyone else’s. Basically a huge dirty pint. It was then drinking game after drinking game which basically involved downing a glass of this mix every time and I can honestly say I was pretty drunk, pretty quickly. I’m never very good at holding my drink and this was a mixture of all sorts. It was so much fun though, the older girls had drawn all over our faces and t-shirts and it would have been super embarrassing if it wasn’t for the alcohol but it was good fun. There’s a whole load of funny pictures on my phone now as well. All these games took place in the congregation hall, which I think is so weird. Drinking games where you have seminars, never would have expected that. We all went to the LCR together after this and that was fun, still think I prefer the hive area over the dancefloor, the music just seems so much better. I left fairly early though, was starting to feel pretty rough and I think I was home by half 1. Can honestly say I had a pretty epic night though.

On the Wednesday of the second week I went along to the netball trials as well. That was fun, although I don’t think I’m gunna make the team. If any of the coaches actually knew who I was that would be helpful but seeing as my name wasn’t down on anything and I had to play any random games that had free spots and not always in my position I’m not gunna hold out my hopes. I think I’ll still go along though, play in the social league. I hadn’t realised how good people would be. I thought people would be joining it and playing for the fun but a lot of the girls I’ve spoken to are really serious about netball and have played at county standard. Everyone seems really nice though. Especially the third years, I’ve spoken to so many of them and they’re all really cool. A couple of girls doing psychology keep telling me not to worry about the reading but I don’t know if I’m ready to do that just yet.

This Saturday I went to a psychology social. Can’t say I was too impressed. Maybe I was comparing it too much with the netball one, but it wasn’t the best. They didn’t do anything to get people to mingle so it was a lot of standing around with people you’d already spoken to, occasionally talking to new people and then going back to who you were comfortable with. Whereas at the netball one everyone was talking with everybody, I think that was down to the games before we went out. Beginning to really like the LCR now, the dancefloor is becoming more appealing, although I’ve noticed there’s a lot of repetition in the songs they play. Like 15 songs on repeat. The girl I came with went home because she was feeling really poorly. Actual sick poorly rather than too much alcohol poorly though, don’t worry! I ran out of money and had to call my friend to come and get me because I couldn’t afford a taxi. I think that’s one of the perks of not living at uni, I’m still quite close with my friends from before. Although a real downside is actually having to pay for taxis the whole time! Must be so much easier to walk five minutes for free and be in bed!

I saw my best friend on Saturday for lunch and even though it’s only a week since I’ve seen her, it feels like forever, it’s really weird at the moment because all of sudden we have really separate lives. She’s at work and is practically rich whereas I’m now a student and poor as anything. She doesn’t know anyone I talk about or what I’m going on about when it comes to uni stuff and I don’t know any of her work friends. I miss her and I’m determined to make sure that I don’t drift from her, she’s been my rock through all sorts of times and I’m not gunna let us fall apart because we’re in separate places. I’m even hoping to be able to bring her along sometimes and involve her in this aspect of my life. I think at the moment it’s just that struggle to find the balance between everything going on now. Uni, work, studying, new friends, old friends, boyfriend, family. There’s a lot more to juggle then two months ago when it was just boyfriend, work, family and a single set of friends.


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