I think I’ve finally been hit by freshers flu, as I write this I’m curled up in bed snivelling and shivering even though it definitely isn’t that cold in my room. At all.

I have not felt the benefit of living at home at all this week. Exactly the opposite, had sooo many arguments with my parents – broken car = stressful family. Basically we really needed to get my car repaired before we even go and look at another one, but finding a time that none of us is busy was proving incredibly difficult. Hence all the arguments. According to my parents sorting out my car should be the most important thing, and I appreciate that I’m gunna be stuck if something goes wrong, but I wish they’d remember that there are other things going on as well. I’m trying to join clubs and things so I can really get stuck in to life at UEA, but at the moment it feels like everything is standing in my way. Plus i’m trying to spend time with my new friends and old friends, and my boyfriend. And that’s not even getting started on the amount of work I have to do. Feels like everything is getting on top of me this week.

I had a disaster on Wednesday. I wanted to go along and try out the dancesport class, so I was at uea finishing my essay (woohoo first piece of coursework all done!) and I left about half 5 to head to this dance studio where the class was taking place. I’ve run out of 3g on my phone, so I wrote down the rough directions and figured i’d be ok… not a chance. I was driving round and round and up and down these streets that I don’t think I’ve even seen before. The class started at 6, and it got to half 6 and I was still no closer to figuring out where the hell I was. My friend rang me whilst I was lost but even though he lives in the area he was absolutely no help, nor was my boyfriend when I spoke to him. In the end I gave up and went back to Wymondham and went to the gym. If I did eventually find the place I didn’t want to be walking in 45 minutes late on my first session, I guess i’ll try again next week! On Thursday I was going to go to this dance workshop they kept advertising, but when I got there, there were about 5 people. Gave that one a miss, I used to dance all the time and love it but that was a couple of years ago and I think for my first attempt I want a few more people to hide behind in case I embarrass myself!

I gave my friend a lift to her job interview the other day (she got it yay!!) but I was genuinely scared we wouldn’t make it there! As I say my car has been playing up and when I left to go and get her it seemed worse than ever. It was really sluggish and wouldn’t pull away or speed up, I refused to turn it off when I waited for her just in case it wouldn’t turn back on again. How bad would that be, I offered to take her so she wouldn’t have to pay for a taxi or worry about getting the bus and then imagine if my car broke and she was still stranded at uea, i’d feel awful! It was fine though, she got there early and when I left my car seemed a bit better. Dad reckons he’s temporarily fixed it now, so fingers crossed! I really don’t have time for any more hiccups with the car at the moment!


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