Today was weird

Today was the weirdest day so far at uni. Aside from having to be up stupidly early to catch the bus – which I nearly missed! – and being at work until half 10 this evening, I only ended up having two hours of lectures/seminars despite being in uni for over 8 hours. And there was a fire on campus followed by a gas leak. Apparently there was something like 8 different fire brigades turning up and we saw a load of ambulances as well. Crazy times!

So I nearly missed the bus because the stupid traffic on the stupid a140, possibly THE worst road to live on in the country! So I was haring along the a47 at like 85 miles an hour in my tiny little one litre car, and I did just make the bus and then ended up sat on it for 45 minutes and being late into my seminar anyway! Luckily the tutor wasn’t in full flow yet so it wasn’t too embarrassing but I hate being in that situation where everyone turns to look at you. This seminar was the reason I had to come in so early, which was such a pain because my 10am seminar wasn’t on this week, leaving a 4 hour gap between the first one and my 2pm lecture. There was a genuine debate this morning as to whether it was worth getting out of bed. It’s just so cosy curled up under the duvet and then it’s so cold and horrible out of the duvet. Then there’s that little voice in your head that goes ‘first year doesn’t count, treat yourself to a lay in’. Bad attitude to have of course. Naughty Kerryann. Must be good student.

Met up with my group from the seminar that wasn’t on though and completed and submitted our formative report. Its definitely harder to write a group report than by yourself but at least it gives us experience for next time and its another assessment done and dusted. It was the first time I’ve been in one of the library’s group study rooms. They’re quite nice, its cool being able to be in this little tiny room but ours was on the ground floor and there wasn’t a proper door which was a pain. Plus every time someone moved on the floor above a load of dust would fall and completely cover everything which was disgusting!

So the fire at the university happened at about 11 or some similar time but it caused chaos for the entire day. When we went to walk to our 2pm lecture – 2!!!! – the road was closed off. I could see the building we were in, about 20 metres in front of us but we couldn’t get to it. There’s a lady on my course in a wheelchair and the guy who was keeping the area cordoned off was saying that to get to the building you had to go up along by the Norfolk and Suffolk terrace Ziggurats and then around back to the Elizabeth Fry building, but obviously the lady in the wheelchair couldn’t walk this way because it’s all steps. Me and my friends decided to walk with her, it wouldn’t have been fair to expect her to do it on her own! We had to go back along the road to the Union so she could use the elevator to get down a floor, then walk out of the central campus and around the accommodation and down past the lake and the Sainsbury’s Centre and we eventually came out at the back of the building with our lecture in. It took us about 20 minutes and she would not have been able to do it on her own, if she had been able to find her way! The only reason we managed was because the road we needed to be on happened to be the road I walk out of campus when I park at my boyfriend’s nan’s house in Eaton. I’m super proud of us for helping her though, it made me feel good! And the hike burned some calories so that’s always a positive.

We were supposed to have another lecture in the Arts building at 4pm and nothing had been said about that being cancelled, the lecturer still thought it was on, but we went and milled around for an hour to kill some time in between and then got to the door of the Arts building to be told that there was now a gas leak in the building and no one was allowed to enter. My friend was so annoyed, if we had walked to the building about three minutes earlier she would have made her bus but instead she had to wait another hour for her next one. It was a definite positive for me though because I didn’t have to worry about being late for work, I was even early enough to do some uni work beforehand! The lecture theatre we are in for that particular lecture is always horrible and boiling and we all end up stripping off cos its so stuffy!

Cannot physically describe how tired I am, I would have loved to go out this week especially tonight but definitely don’t have the energy! Don’t even understand where the tiredness has come from other than a couple of early mornings. This is the time I realllllyyyyy wish I lived on campus! Was talking to a girl in my 9am seminar last night at like half 11 and she was about to start the work for it and I could barely keep my eyes open! She says she has naps during the day if there’s a long break! So jealous, I’m tempted to move close to uni just for that one perk!

I really embarrassed myself in the lecture yesterday. The lecturer was drawing to a close and about to pass over to another guy who wanted to talk about some questionnaires thing, but I hadn’t filled in the first questionnaire so there was no point in me staying. My bus was leaving in like 5 minutes and one of my friends was desperate to get that one, so decided to leave but quietly and subtly because we were close to the back. She got out and stood waiting for me, but the girl in between her and me moved up but didn’t stand up because the lecturer was still talking and she didn’t want everyone to stare at her… So I figured the only thing to do was to crawl. I crawled. CRAWLED. I crawled out of a lecture theatre, under my friend’s legs. And everyone in the row in front and the two rows behind saw and laughed. I hope they realise I was rushing to make the bus and don’t just think I’m really rude and thought the lecture was really boring. HOW EMBARRASSING.


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