Reading Week!

Woo! Currently in the middle of reading week and absolutely loving it, I haven’t had to get up early all week… Apart from today because i went and bought MY NEW CAR. Will post a picture soon! It’s gorgeous and I love it. Thinking of names for it now though, my last car, a little red corsa was called Tommy but as this one is a light blue I think its gunna have to be a girls name! Been a busy week. I’ve driven to Attleborough, North Walsham and then finally Newmarket, and eventually found one I liked and that I could afford! Drove down today with my best friend to get it and said goodbye to Tommy! Its going to be such a relief to not worry about a broken car all the time now! I am petrified of driving it though! Scared i’m going to break it, half of me is tempted to just leave the car to look pretty on my drive and walk everywhere!

So looking forward to friday! Going out in the city with the girls for halloween so that should be fun! We’re going as Disney characters, I’m going as Minnie Mouse and my friends are going as Snow White and Alice in Wonderland! We wanted to go to the UEA halloween event but they’ve sold out of tickets, so think we’ll be heading to Prince of Wales instead!

Went shopping yesterday! Spent all my money! Which is a pain because I only got paid yesterday! Whoops! My amaaaazing boyfriend bought me a Pandora bracelet… its gorgeous! So happy! Bought some other stuff as well but i’ve tried it on and I think a lot of it will be going back. And I got started on my secret santa present, I’ve bought half the stuff and just a couple more bits to get. I’m actually pretty well prepared for christmas now, only a few more presents to buy! I think i’m beginning to get a little bit excited about it! I work in a shop and the christmas music will be playing soon.

I’m currently sat in bed debating whether or not to go to gymnastics. I keep meaning to go and haven’t got round to it. I did go along on friday after netball training only to find that it was cancelled. I’ve put it off for so long now that i feel really nervous about going! Maybe it will be really awkward because everyone has been going for a while now. I’m determined to join another club though and the longer I put it off the worse it will be! I went to a dancing class last wednesday but that wasn’t much fun. Definitely not my kind of thing! Plus it would work out quite expensive so still on the search for something else to try! I’m gunna have to do some form of exercise this evening though, I’ve had two mcdonalds this week… and it’s only wednesday! Back to the gym and soon!

I’m actually going to have to do what reading week is for and get on with some work tomorrow. I’m pretty well caught up but i’m going to attempt to get ahead. I hate feeling like i’m constantly battling against a tide of work so hopefully I can get far enough ahead that I don’t have that horrible feeling. Plus, I seem to have forgotten everything that’s been taught since I got here, so I’m definitely going back over the work we’ve already done. There’s a class test next monday when I go back and I have absolutely no idea about the topic… BRILLIANT!


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