Someone help! I am sooooooo tired, no words can even describe it. This is definitely the most tired i’ve been since I started uni. The 9am start today killed me. Especially as following it I had a 4 hour break between that and my next lecture! Absolutely love my friend who came and joined me in the library to work whilst everyone else was LAYING IN BED. Not jealous about that or anything..

Super proud of myself though, I am not just upto date with reading but I am ahead! Thought i’d feel so good about it when it had been done but there’s so much more work to do as well that I still feel like i’m constantly struggling to keep up. I was speaking to a girl at work this evening who does psychology but who’s now a third year and she was telling me that the second year is absolute hell!!! Not looking forward to that at all! But apparently the third year is great, only five hours worth of seminar and lectures! Woohoo, get me there now!

Halloween was AMAZING! Had so much fun! We went into Lola’s and they’d completely changed their theme, usually Hawaiian and instead it was spooky and halloween themed! But as ever, waaaay too hot and cramped in there. Love it but the space is just far too full for the amount of people that pack in. We tried a halloween themed drink; ‘Black Pearl’. Not really sure how I feel about it. Went from one extreme of extra sweet to extra sour within two sips. Looked pretty cute though as it was all pink. We left Lola’s and went to Fluke which we hated. Not a place i’m rushing back to at all! We tried to get into Mercy for free because one of my friend’s is close to a guy that works there but by the time she rang him he had gone home so that was out. Rumours were £12 entry for Mercy – no thank you!!!! We went to Bar 52 instead. That was alright, free which was the main thing! We rang a taxi for 2.40 but it was half an hour late. I was raging by this point – cold and hungry does not make for a happy Kerryann. A guy was hitting on my friend and she wasn’t interested and after about 10 minutes I reached the end of the freezing/hungry tether and cracked and told him in no uncertain terms to leave her alone. Was such a good night though! And I barely spend anything compared to normal so bonus! Loved dressing as Minnie Mouse, definitiely keeping that costume! Didn’t enjoy the bus ride home the next day. Had no makeup on, hair was a mess and my clothes were all crumpled = NIGHTMARE. Goodness knows what I looked like to the other passengers, probably some sort of Banshee!

Now I’m gunna curl up in bed after a 13 and a half hour day and watched Geordie Shore in my fluffy Primark pyjamas!


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