Let this assessment be over!

My assignment seems to be never ending. I’ve spent so many days working on it now and it’s insane. Each day I think I’ve got it done and then realise there’s a little bit more to do. Tomorrow is going to HAVE to be the last day because I’m not giving up another weekend on it!
Bit of an issue at the moment, I’ve lost the web pages where I found two of my references and I can’t find them online anywhereeee! Google scholar and the library haven’t given me anything and neither has science direct! But they’re both pretty good pieces of research so I really don’t want to delete them! Running out of options though!
My seminar leader really annoyed me today. I asked him to show me how to reference websites and he kind of did but not very clearly. Then I asked him to read through mine just to check I was on the right track but he refused. This much I would have been ok with, had another groups’ seminar leader not been sitting 3 feet away going through assignments and giving advice on them! How unfair!
My poor friend has been told she’s going to have to start the longest section of hers from scratch! She’s put so much work into it already and I feel for her big time!!
I went to a roller disco tonight! How American is that! It was fun, still got the skills! Lots of old people there though… That was a bit strange. What person goes roller skating on there own with a bunch of kids on a Thursday night.. An over 50s person that is?


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