It’s paaaaydayyyy and that only means one thing… SHOPPING. It’s both the best thing in the world and the worst thing in the world that Black Friday turned out to be on the same day as long awaited payday. There wasn’t that many deals though, especially in New Look which is where I was most hoping for 😦 I have ended spending a ginormous amount of money though via the Internet… Whoopsie. I get paid extra early next month because of Christmas. At first everyone loves that and then you realise you have to wait nearly 7 weeks before we get paid again. There isn’t enough words to describe how much of a struggle that is!!! I’m hoping I’ll be alright this year though because I get the second instalment of my student loan in the middle of that. I made a start on my Pandora ring collection today. Woo woo. It’s a Christmas present though so I won’t get to see that beauty on my finger for nearly a month. I’ll definitely be posting a picture of that on the big day.

Super excited for Christmas!!! Got all but George’s present sorted. He’s such a pain to shop for! Going for another bit of Christmas shopping with mum and dad tomorrow, hopefully none of my money will be spent… And then I’m dragging George down to Bury St Edmunds in the evening to go to this big Christmas market thing! I’m determined to get fully into the Christmas spirit this year. I think I’m even going to London right before Christmas for a couple of days, because I’ve managed to swap my Sunday shift. Should be staying with my best friend’s nan on the outskirts of London! Last year we went down for the day, getting the mega bus super early and arriving back so late, but it was so good. I can’t wait to visit the Christmas markets and look at the gorgeous lights again!

I’ve got majorly into the Hunger Games this week. I’ve read the first book within 3 days! When it first came out I was determined not to like it as I was a bit weirdly obsessed with twilight at the time and I didn’t want to forget about that – I always get too weirdly attached to books haha! But it’s sooooo good. Might pull an allnighter and watch the films!! I’ve already reserved the next book to pick up from the library tomorrow!


Went out last night with the girls, that was fun but such a weird night. There were soooo many weird inappropriate guys. Not even the usual sort of guys. My friend got hit on by a guy wearing a blazer and no top underneath who carried on following us even after she explicitly told him she had a boyfriend.I seriously offended some old guy who seemed to think I wanted to dance with him. I can assure you, I did not.

Assignment overload at the moment. Having literally just handed in one project and we’re already completing another. The deadline isn’t until after Christmas but I’m not spending the holidays slaving away at the computer, I’d rather be slaving in the kitchen and that’s rich coming from me! Plus I have two exams the week after next. It’s my Christmas party on the Sunday and then I have an exam on the Monday, another on the Tuesday (FOR SIX HOURS!!!) and then work Tuesday evening. NIGHTMARE.

Still it’s Christmas after that. WOOOOHOOOOO.

JINGLE BELLS, JINGLE BELLS.. Ha, don’t know the rest of the words. <!–more–

Happy Black Friday turned into Saturday.


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