It’s all over!

This last week has been hectic! I had an exam yesterday and today, both were absolutely awful!
I spent all week revising, had the social life of a turtle cramming in as much knowledge as I can, all for nothing really.

I thought I would be ok in the exam yesterday but not a chance, it was so hard. I recognised the topics the questions were on but the answers you needed to give were so much more developed than anything I’d covered, it was a lot harder than I expected my first university exam to be.

The one today was a killer! 6 whole hours writing essays, didn’t even stop for lunch! But it’s all done now. FREEDOM for a whole month. Celebration required tomorrow – I’m hitting the shops. And off out with the uni girls to Zak’s on Thursday. Super excited, Zak’s is possibly the best meal out you can have in Norwich. I won’t take debate on that!

I can’t wait for Christmas now, can finally start feeling Christmassy with exams out of the way! Rush, panic shopping tomorrow! My boyfriend George
is a pain in the bum to shop for and takes forever to make up his mind, someone help! Shopping on a student budget is the most miserable thing in the world. I’m constantly worrying about money, oh student woes.

I’m so excited to go to London next week, but I need help to decide what best Christmas themed things to do!


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