I’ve forgotten what it’s like to work

Ever since I started at uni my hours at work have been relatively small; a small shift after uni on a Tuesday and a full shift on a Sunday. However with Sunday trading laws a full shift is somewhat shorter than any other day of the week. Now that we’ve broken up for the Christmas hols I’ve taken on some extra hours and I am absolutely EXHAUSTED. I can barely remember how I managed to work full time last year. I’ve only had one super early morning and I’ve made sure to go to bed early enough (I say this as I sit writing this at 1am – but this is the first naughty night, I promise!) but every night pI’m practically falling asleep on my feet.

And talking of my feet – the agony!!! I’d completely forgotten how painful it can be standing on your feet all day. And how peculiar that after a year of doing it I barely noticed it. But now that pain has come flooding back. They were sore to the touch after my shift yesterday! But never mind, I’m nearly done. One more day and then it’s officially no work until Christmas!

I’ve had some funny old customers the last few days. A man was so defensive over a penny today that you’d think it was the last one he owned – not true though, there were 3 whole pounds in his hand. If I had three pounds in my hand it would make me £3 less in debt than I currently am! And another lady phoned purely to ask if I thought another store would stock a particular item. That one was extremely bizarre, what a waste of a phone call! On the other hand, some of the customers have been so lovely. I was determined to help one little old lady find a bargain, and after she got home, she rang back just to say again how helpful she thought I’d been, now that filled my little heart with joy.

I’m heading to Landaaaan Taaaan (just London really) this weekend and I am super excited! I’m hoping it will be as fabulous as I’m expecting. There’s no official plans for our time up there (going with my best friend) but we’re definitely heading for a SNOG. No rude thoughts please. It’s a brand of frozen yoghurt and may I just point out how delicious it is! I’m not sure how many shops they have but there is definitely one in Covent Garden and I believe that’s where we’re heading! I’m going to sneak in a trip to the Winter Wonderland ice rink as well if I can!


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