I can only apologise for the huge delay between posts. Christmas must be a super busy time of the year for everyone, but this year has been even more hectic. We’ve had illnesses in the family, and doggy house guests. Plus I’ve been to London and gone to Winter Wonderland! First I’m going to post about my time in London and then I shall post again super soon about my fantastic and amazing Christmas!

I went to London with my beautiful best friend and we stayed at her nans house in Osterley, which is actually quite far from the centre of London, but it was a 3 night stay in London for free so I’m definitely not complaining! We got the train down Saturday, had two mega packed days in London on the Sunday and Monday and then got ‘driving home for Christmas’ on the Tuesday 😉

We did all the major sites. We walked round winter wonderland which is super cute! They’ve gone all out and I’m so impressed, however it is ridiculously expensive and we didn’t stay too long as we couldn’t afford to go on anything. I’d have really liked to go in the ice bar but again that was mega bucks and you had to book a place beforehand!

We went to Harrods and had a look round there. I trawled all the way up to the top floor thinking there was going to be a sale on Nike sportswear (there were numerous 30% off sales, I wasn’t just stupidly optimistic) but not only was there no sale but it was even more expensive than any other Nike retailer! We also went to Covent Garden and saw the fab Crimbo lights there! I got a new foundation brush in Urban Decay as well which I am in love with. There’s this amazing place in Covent Garden called Snog! It’s a frozen yoghurt parlour and it’s delicious, they don’t have many shops, I think less than ten in London but it is too die for. I can’t recommend it enough! I definitely deserved my snog because I walked up the steps in Covent Garden- all 15 floors worth of them! That took some effort!

Before we went back home we also went to Oxford street! Much to Mon’s delight because she hates shopping but we only went in 3 shops and I got my final last minute Christmas gifts. The train home took about 45 minutes and is on the Piccadilly line.

On Monday we went to Camden Lock and Market first thing. It wasn’t quite what I expected but it was good all the same. I had a crepe that cost £4!! Extortionate! And it wasn’t even particularly nice! I went in every single shoe store there because I was determined to find a bargain on a pair of nike’s but no such luck :(. We also looked round Notting hill! Love the houses there! We did get lost though and had to wack out the Google maps to find the tube station again! And finally we went to Sloane Square! They were the best Christmas lights of all in my opinion. And the brands there! Oh, we also went to Trafalgar Square and wandered past Big Ben and the London eye and those bits. I heard there was a giant Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square but I can’t say that I was hugely impressed, bit bare on the decorations side of things!

We got lost trying to find Buckingham Palace; I was determined to get a selfie with one of the guards but they stand inside the gates now so you can’t. Can’t tell you how much that ruined my day. Mon’s nan took us out for a drink before dinner that night, mmmmm having far too many strawberry cider’s at the moment but they are so delicious. And then for tea she made the most delicious mash I have ever tasted and believe I will ever taste. Hands down a winner.

The car journey home took forever, especially compared to the train which was under 2 hours! And I had a super quick change around to go straight out for a meal with my parents as it was my mums birthday. When I was waiting outside the restaurant my manager came out, he barely acknowledged me! Super awkward!

So that was my lead up to Christmas! It was a little hectic to say the least. Add to that that both my gran and her brother are currently ill and have been in hospital things are a little strained! But we’re all keeping cheerful and enjoying the festive period! And I absolutely adore my uncles dog that is staying with us!

Christmas post to follow soon!

Much love x







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