The Pandora Craze

Is it just me and my friends that are obsessed with pandora? Or is it everybody else.. Sorry all other GIRLS too. I suspect the latter. Up until November I’d never EVER had any kind of interest in the brand and now I’m like a woman possessed.

Part of me feels like I’m just following the bandwagon because I’ve come to uni and all my friends love it, but in my defence, until I spoke to them I only really thought pandora did the charm bracelets, not anything else. Months ago at work I said to my friend how much I liked her pink leather bracelet and I’d like one like that, without realising where it came from. And if I had known years ago that they did RINGS. Gorgeous, beautiful and far too expensive rings, well I think I would be homeless.

I got a few rings from Christmas from family and my boyfriend, and I now have the purple leather bracelet with a single charm on, but I can’t seem to stop thinking about what else I want! It’s like a bug! Last night I laid awake for hours debating whether to buy a second ring when I went in the city with my friend today or save my money. I’d convinced myself to save for holiday… Went in the city today and BAM. Mission on. I was getting that ring no matter what. I don’t know what came over me. All I can say is I’ve been finally hit by the jewellery bug that has evaded me for 20 years. Seriously, I have one pair of earrings because I’ve shown so little interest in every other pair ever given to me and bought that they’ve been lost , thrown out or sold. PANDORA EARRINGS though – yes please.

Ok, I’m not crazy I promise. I just now spend ridiculous amounts of time on their website browsing for new ring stacking ideas and an obscene amount of time conferring with Daniela as to which ring should go where and how many rings is acceptable and what colour birthstone ring goes with a pink flower. It’s tiring, I tell you. I still maintain my lack of interest in the charm bracelet department though. The leather bracelets take my fancy, but given my immediate obsession with obtaining as many rings as I can humanly fit on my fingers, I don’t feel like buying a charm bracelet is a safe idea. For my sanity, my boyfriend, or my bank account.

Still not crazy, promise.

Anyone else suffer from this affliction?


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