Uni life begins again…

Welcome back to uni folks, and what a cracking week it’s been.

In actual fact it has indeed been quite a breeze. Two lectures cancelled, two seminars and a reading group not beginning until week 2 and a technical difficulty in one of the remaining lectures. This week has been the most laid back since I started uni. Things would be all bright and bubbly if it wasn’t for that one pesky essay.

Heigh ho, roll on Monday when it’s all over and done with. And a whole four weeks before we have to worry about the marks!

Talking of marks I had my most exciting news as of yet at uni! That 6 hour exam I did before Christmas? I got a 1st!!!! Could not be more pleased! I’m so proud of myself, I really didn’t think I could do it. Averaging a medium 2:1 now with the other coursework mark I’ve had back and I’m awaiting two more results, so keep your fingers crossed!

I really feel like I’m beginning to embrace student life.. On Wednesday I had two baths. Two. For no real reason. Cheeky. And the single most important thing to me at the moment is ensuring that the amount of times I lay in and have no alarm set outweighs the number of times I set an alarm and wake up early. Priorities are in the right place!

In other news of this week, my first day back saw me fall over and smash my phone screen. Thankfully very few witnesses but my face still reddens at the thought anyhow. I feel like I’m part of the crew now though, everyone seemed to have smashed their iphone except me so now I’m ‘one of the gang’. Consequentally I’ve upgraded my contract, although the new phone has arrived and I haven’t taken it out of the box for fear I’ll break this one as well.

I’m going to the LCR on Tuesday night… It’s a minion theme. I’m not really sure how to dress as a minion… They’re blue and yellow right? I have a blue crop top. And a yellow crop top. But no blue or yellow themed pants. Nor any money to buy some new ones. Maybe I shall go as a half minion, make some sort of token effort without going the whole hog.

I’m starting to think (and by think I mean worry) about the future and prospects and all those big scary words! Went and saw the careers advisor today and have since been updating my CV. I need to be thinking seriously about work experience and internships and things like that. I thought by coming to uni i would escape all those conversations but apparently they’re unavoidable! I’m hoping to do a couple of weeks of work experience over the summer, maybe with the police because I’m interested in criminal psychology. But I’m also interested in clinical psychology! Dilemma. The police might be a better option as I’m not sure what the practice is on working in mental health institutions as voluntary experience. I know people do it as part of course placements but I guess they’re likely to be more cautious if the experience isn’t a prerequisite for the course!

All these decisions to make already!

On the absolute amazing plus side…. It’s only 62 days until I go to America! Woohoo!



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