It’s been a bad week.

Hi guys, so it’s been a bit of a bad week for me.

First off, we’re all aware that I smashed my phone last week. Disaster! Although since then I have upgraded my phone and am waiting for my cousin to repair the screen so the trauma of that experience has been somewhat diminished. Even so, it was the first of many bad things to come.

On Saturday I had a slight, and I mean slight, car accident. I lost concentration along with my footing and my car bumped into the one in front. Bumped is definitely the right word to use as it was at a junction and can’t have been more than 3 miles an hour. It’s going to cost an awful lot to fix though! There’s a load of money wasted that I didn’t have! My dad has come to rescue and done all the liasing with the other people, and we’ve agreed to pay (after we’ve checked the car to ensure they’re not robbing me blind) but the man is being so rude. He keeps persistently calling me and threatening to go to the insurance company, even though we’ve agreed to pay! Stressed to say the least!

I did receive some good news last week! I got a 1st in one of my before Christmas exams and a high 2:1 in the other! Very pleased and proud of myself! It’s motivating me to do be even better in the summer now!

Despite this motivation though I am struggling to get back into the uni routine. I really enjoy seeing my lovely, gorgeous girlies, but I’m hating the workload again. It seems to be so much more intense than before. We only gave in a report yesterday and we’re already panicking and being instructed to do the next one. Eeeek!

I realised today that I made a giant error in the said report (yet another thing to add to my disastrous week!). I wrote about Social Learning Theory rather than Social Identity Theory. Well let me clarify. I wrote about social identity theory, in that, what i described was social Identity theory. What i labelled it as however was social learning theory. Which is a completely different thing. Heigh ho.

I wrote out an entire blog post yesterday, only to be unceremoniously logged out of the app and it failed to save. Cherry on the cake for me! This was then followed by an attempt to have a nice, hot, relaxing bubble bath… That turned out to be cold, unbubbly and the opposite of relaxing! There’s nothing like a good bath to soothe nerves, an experience I sorely missed yesterday.

On the bright side, tomorrow is a new day and with it it brings the opportunity for a lay in! Hurray! I had the evening off work tonight, a rare experience on a Tuesday night and me and the girls did have plans to go to the LCR. However -1 degrees… I think not! Bed and a duvet for me instead thank you!

Two girls told us today that they refer to our group of friends as the ‘clever group’… Do I take that as a compliment… Or does it mean we’re nerds?


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