Have I walked into the wrong lecture?!?

This semester, only to be expected i suppose, we’ve started new topics in the modules. And its like my worst nightmare come true for the individual differences module. BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY.

I’ve never managed to get to grips with science, particularly the biology part. As a psychology student I don’t think i should say this, but I honestly don’t think my brain is wired to comprehend biological topics.

The lectures we’ve had on it so far make me feel as if I’ve got lost and wandered into a Biomedical science lecture of something of the sort.

I’ve been trying so hard to keep up with the reading, and i’ve been going back over the lecture notes and writing them out again to try and get my head around the processes, but its all too much. I’m already beginning to have nightmares and panic attacks about the exam. Its worth 50%. 50% of this whole module, its crazy! Its by far the hardest part of the course this year and its the one topic that’s worth the most!

In my seminar for that module today, we had to try and make our own brain. Like with paper in the correct shapes we were supposed to label the sections and make them into a brain shape. I got as far as labelling four out of about 12 items, and i cut the shape out. No brain cap for me.

There’s all these words being thrown out that don’t even sound like english to me! Pons. Medulla. Cerebellum. And so many of these words can also be referred to as something else! Isn’t the topic itself confusing enough without adding multiple definitions for one part of the brain! I don’t know anyone doing biology either, so I can’t get any cheeky tips from the science brainiacs!

On another note, I’m feeling so unhappy having to work every tuesday. It’s such a rush leaving the lecture to fly over in the traffic to the retail park and getting changed and ready for work in half an hour. And i’m so jealous of the fun everyone seems to have at the LCR on a tuesday night. Its fancy dress, and although the themes aren’t brilliant every week, when the theme is good people seem to go all out and have so much fun. I could go to the LCR after work, but having been at uni for 8 hours and work for 5, i’m absolutely knackered. I wish I had the chance to go though, everyone that does absolutely raves about it! It’s called Damn Good and by the sounds of it, its earned its name!

Hopefully i’ll be going to the LCR one saturday night soon! My friend has said that if we want to come out with her and her flatmates, we could stay at theirs! It will be so much fun, like a big sleepover! And so much easier than having to get a taxi home! Her flatmates look like so much fun as well!


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