Things are beginning to get serious

It’s closing in on that time of year where things are beginning to get very serious.

Although the exams are still logically quite far away, I’m beginning to feel the nerves setting in already. There’s so much work to do to keep on top of the course and it feels like a constant struggle to keep afloat. This week I added a to do list to my phone to help me manage everything.

There’s so much expected for each module and I only have three for the year! It’s hard trying to prioritise which topic to do and focus on.

I’ve been very good so far for this year, although my attention may be slacking sometimes in the lectures, I’ve made a big effort to do every work and reading set for me to try and maximise my knowledge and help me have a chance to do well in the exams. I can’t recommend highly enough to any student beginning next year that they complete the reading and background research recommended by lecturers. I’ve heard some second and third years tell stories about how unnecessary it is to do the reading but I completely disagree. Unless you have unnaturally high brain power and have done in-depth studies into the sectors covered in the course already, I don’t believe that you can get a good grade without further reading.

The lecture teachings provide the basic knowledge you need to grasp to pass the course but I completely agree with lecturers who claim that to get the higher grades you must put the work in outside of the lectures as well. But I guess we’ll see how it pans out when I take my exams!!

Friends at uni are beginning to talk about doing student finance again, I hadn’t even realised that it was to be done every year! I can imagine that other sixth form and college students are beginning to feel a bit panicked now. From what I can remember the UCAS deadline has passed so everyone will be waiting anxiously to hear back from universities and then will be going through the process of making their firm and insurance choices and going through the same student finance process that I myself will be completing. It’s a scary time I can imagine!!

I never went through the firm and insurance process because I completed my exams and then applied to uni the year after, so I can’t honestly say I have experienced the feeling that many students will be going through right now! My best of luck to them all though!


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