Is everything slipping away?

Throughout this whole year at uni I’ve been saying how happy I am that I still live at home..
It gives me the chance to see my boyfriend regularly without the hassle of travelling on trains hours home all the time..
I see and spend time with my work girls who I love.
I see my friends from school who haven’t gone away.
And I still get to see my family.

This is what I’ve been saying.. But lately I’m beginning to doubt it.

I barely see my family, I’ve always got so much to do, or I’m rushing off to see someone else, or I’m in my room studying. I have days off when they’re at work and school and they’re at home when I’m at work in the evening and on Sunday.

I spend time with my boyfriend but half the time I’m staying up late at night to finish my work, and though he rarely complains, I know that’s not exactly what he considers quality time, even if he has free reign to play on his xbox.

I see my work girlies a fair amount so there’s one thing going right.

But I really feel like I’m slipping away from my friends from home at the moment. I feel like with some of them, one in particular, that I’ve spent years making all the effort and getting little in return so my mum encouraged me to back off a bit. But that’s not gone to plan, I haven’t seen them in ages and I miss their presence in my life but I’m hurt that they’ve made little effort to see me. However at the same time I’m wondering if it’s partly my fault. It’s a part of our routine that I do the organising and all of a sudden I’ve stopped, yet I’ve still seen my uni friends. Maybe in trying to take that step back I may have gone too far and made it seem like I’ve made new friends and moved on.

That’s not the case at all, I’m really enjoying the mix of people I have in my life at the moment, it’s nice to have a variety and not feel stuck in a university setting or workplace. But I guess over the last few weeks I stopped remembering to keep the balance.

My apologies for making this something of an agony aunt letter, I’ve got a bit carried away with myself.

I encourage anyone living at home to do so, there are enormous benefits to it, however tread carefully. It can be a little hard to balance all the areas of life, a lesson we might learn the hard way.


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