UEA Sona System

At UEA, at least in the Psychology school there is this thing called the Sona System. This essentially means that over the first two years of the course, students are expected to participate in the research of final year students for their projects and dissertations, and the research of PHD and postgraduate students. We are expected to get 48 credits EACH year. Which is double the amount that current third year students were expected to get. If you achieve this target, you are therefore allowed to use this same system in your third year to recruit participants for your experiment, however if you don’t reach the required number you are unable to use this system to recruit subjects. You have to use the old fashioned method, of posters and flyers which obviously isn’t likely to work as well.

Some of the studies are INCREDIBLY boring. There was one I completed that took an hour and a quarter and involved listening to a beep and estimating the length between that and an image on the screen. It was the most boring thing I have ever completed in my life, yet researchers always assure you that the theory behind it is super interesting.

The eye-tracking studies are a bane of my existence as well. You have to keep your head on this contraption to make sure it’s as still as possible, but I have neck problems and whenever I do one it leaves my neck in agony for days!

Some of the studies have been pretty cool! In one study I got a free cup of juice, yummy! And another one we got to paint a mug and then keep. I gave it to George for Christmas!

I’ve completed all my studies for this year, thank goodness! I was planning on getting some credits in the bank for next year however that’s not allowed which is a pain! But oh well, I’m free of the boredom for now!


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