Work experience!!

So you’re all aware that I’m studying for a Psychology degree, so there’s a lot of emphasis on background reading of theories and experiments. However many people impress upon you the importance of work experience to supplement your studies. So far my work experience has been very limited – unless retail is a hugely beneficial factor for Psychology graduates that I’m as of yet unaware of.

I’m really hoping to gain some key work experience over the summer but it’s proving quite difficult! The ideal role would be something like a placement – money and experience!!! These are quite difficult to come by though! I’ve scrolled through all the internships and placements listed on the UEA careers website but there aren’t many, if any psychology focused ones. And any that may have been slightly relevant are all over the country. As much as a summer in a new place might be nice it has its difficulties… Having to find accommodation for one, and I’d also be stuck for my current job as I can’t take the whole summer off and nor would I be able to travel back each week.

So my next alternative has been voluntary work experience. I’m really interested in the forensic sector of Psychology and would be interested in working with the police in the future. My dad’s friend is a police officer so with some advice from him my CV and a covering letter are currently with the Norfolk Forensic Investigations Unit… Very exciting! How much fun would that be!! I’m keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that I get it!!! There’s a forensic module for the course next year which I’m hoping to take, and I can’t even imagine how helpful some experience in that sector would be!


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