I got a 1st!!!

I’m super happy this week! The assessment that I thought I had mucked up and done wrong… I got it back and received 82%!!! I’m so happy and excited!

In all the waiting I had honestly convinced myself that I had done abysmally and when I went to collect it with my friends I refused to even open mine! I waited for another hour or so and opened it on my own in the car. At this point I had completely convinced myself I would be lucky to get 50%! We received another coursework mark back the week before and I had been really proud of my efforts in that piece so was really disappointed to get a low 2:1. When writing the two pieces I was sure that the first piece was much better than this second one so receiving a grade lower than I had hoped for really knocked my confidence in this piece.

Receiving grades like this really makes me feel as if my effort is worth it. Sometimes it’s hard because it feels like you’re putting all the effort in for nothing but I’m finally beginning to have something to show for it. My parents are so proud of me as well which is another thing that makes me happy. And I’m proud of myself too!


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