Pleasant surprises and annoying finances

So I shared with you all the other day the result in super super happy with!!!

I received 82% on one of my pieces of coursework, a piece that I was horribly worried about! I’ve now had the chance to look at the statistics… And I’ve received the highest mark of my course! No one else recieved over 80%!! I’m so so pleased, I’d generally considered dropping out at a few points because I finding the course so hard and now I can’t explain how pleased I am that I didn’t! All my hard work is finally paying off!!!

On another note, I’m beyond annoyed at the way the student finance system works. I get the bare minimum paid to me. Now I appreciate that living at home I get less than those that live away from home, however even my friends that also live at home, all get roughly 800-1500 pounds more than me EACH semester. Now I’m not blaming them at all as obviously this is not their fault, however it makes me so angry that because my parents earn over a specific amount I’m not entitled to much help. Now add to that that because my parents earn over this amount that their income is taxed at 40%, my parents are not as well off as the system makes out. A lot of my friends parents certainly seem to have a lot more spare cash than my parents do. I’m really struggling to make ends meet and it drives me crazy that even working 10 hours a week there’s always less in my bank account than everyone around me. My parents wish they could do more for me but they have so many bills mounting up at the moment I would feel so guilty taking their money as it is.

I’m not sure how the student finance system used to work but I think in the switchover I’m certainly one of the people that got the poor deal. University has already taught me many things and incredibly strict budgeting is one of them!!!


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