Big decisions to make

So the end of the first year is fast approaching. By my calculations there’s less than 20 full uni days left to complete, including the two exams I have to sit.

Half of me is so excited about this, I can’t wait to have days off again, and start earning some money. And for my friends to come back from their unis!

However I’m going to miss my girls sooooo much! I’ll still see a few of them cos they live in this area however I’ll miss the girls that come from Essex as I don’t think I’ll see them much! 

 There’s big choices to make now though. We have a choice module next year and we attended a leminar (student led seminar, actually ridiculous helpful!) about which options to take. There’s two choices: crime and punishment or mental health.

I’m really interested in Forensic Psychology, and would really like to do something in this sector when I’m older, however this particular module sounds a tad boring. We were told it would focus on social aspects of Psychology, which is my least favourite theoretical perspective (bar Biological).

Mental Health on the other hand sounds so interesting. Although I would rather focus on the Criminal side, the other option I have looked at is Clinical Psychology, because I find the whole issue of Mental Health incredibly interesting and I think it must be such a rewarding career. 

 I’m really interested in both but I think I’ll try the Mental Health module next year and the go on to do forensic in the final year right before I need to look for jobs in that sector.

It’s really scary though, we have to make the final decision in a couple of weeks and it’s crazy to think that although it only feels like yesterday that I started uni, I’m now making choices for the second year!!!


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