Revision is such a dreaded and horrible word. As a word itself it’s quite a fierce and blunt sound and its connotations mean nothing but negative things!

I’m being my hectic revision schedule for my exams. I have two exams to go, a practical report and coursework for my third module. Sometimes it seems like a lot and other times like a very little. It’s all summative though (this is a uni term for when it counts towards your final grade) so it’s all super important to get it right. I also have a formative (uni term for work that does not go towards the final grade) mock exam to complete for Biological and Cognitive Psychology that I’m looking to use as a form of revision as well.

I always struggle with how to go about completing my revision. I never know the best way to do it. And I’m not always the most meticulous planner I wish I could be and often start something only to realise halfway through that I’ve probably made a grave error. Because I’m going away over Easter (a key period of revision) though I’m trying to be super organised this year and have a number of posters, flashcards and leaflets to take away with me and glance at every now and then! 

The university is actually very helpful and gives student the opportunity to learn study skills such as revision if they feel they need it. I believe this is done through the Dean of Students office. I know they can also help with other aspects of learning such as core writing skills as well! 


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