Derby Day!

I’m super jealous this week! On Saturday it’s what is referred to as Derby Day! It’s basically a competition between the sports teams of UEA and the University of Essex that takes place once a year. It looks sooooo much fun! Everyone that I have spoken to about it raves about how good it is!

The entire reason I tried out so many sports teams was because of how much hype there was surround Derby Day so I’m feeling really disappointed that I haven’t found a sport I like enough to stick to and have something to participate in! Although on the plus side I know what sports to go straight for next year now… The short few on the list that I haven’t given a go already! I’m hoping to be able to do Pole Fitness with one of my friends and to try out for Stunt Cheer! I know cheerleading definitely has a role in Derby Day so if I can fit it around work that will be so much fun!

Derby Day is so popular that it has sold out of tickets already, that’s what the rumours are anyway! Me and my boyfriend have a day off together on Saturday though, so I might wander down to the Uni and see if I can sneak a peek of some of the action!! If my revision doesn’t crush me first that is!! 


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