Romeward Bound – I wish!

i am insanely jealous of a few of my friends this weekend! I shouldn’t be given that I’ll be on holiday myself this time in a week however they’re going for a weekend away in Rome. The source of the worlds greatest pizza and the Trevi fountain, the star of When in Rome and The Lizzie McGuire movie! 

That information is not academically referenced… And it may be incorrect but it’s my foundational knowledge of Rome! Either way, a friend of ours is doing a year abroad there and invited us all to stay but what with deadlines and things only a couple could go and I sadly, was not one of them. They’ll be eating delicious gelato and I’m at home writing the most complicated report to exist. No questions or doubts please there, I’ve made my decision and I’m sure of it! 

On the plus side, it is Derby Day tomorrow! I don’t have a ticket and my inability to find a sports team I like this year does mean that I’m not participating but I am hoping to drag my boyfriend down to watch some of the exciting bits! And if not social media is sure to keep me posted all day! It’s making me incredibly jealous of all the fun everyone seems to be having and even more determined to find a good sports team to join next year!

In super exciting news, this time next week I shall be in AMERICA! I have been looking forward to this time for about two years, that’s how long ago we booked it! I can’t believe how fast it has come around now though! However these last few days feel like they are dragging on forever! Because I have so much work to do (assignment deadlines and exams as soon as I get back, eeeep!) Im cramming as much work into this little remaining time as possible so my social life has hit an all time low this week. Giving myself a well deserved day off tomorrow. I shall be missing my uni girls millions when I’m away but I’ll be bringing them all fabulous States themed souvenirs upon my return! 


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