Got the flu!

In the space of 24 hours I have gone from bubbly and bright to snotty and snivelling! 

As I was saying a soppy goodbye to my beautiful best friend yesterday as she helped me get my packing together I begun to get a burning throat and an itchy nose… By the time she had left and I’d got ready for bed I felt ready for a full on flu jab.

Today I came home from work because I felt so ill and made Mother’s Day the best day ever by lying in bed groaning all day, sorry mum!

This couldn’t have come at a worse time what with going on holiday in less than a week! Something tells me it might be the stress of exams and assignments to sort before I go away!!

Talking of exams, we recieved our timetable just over a week ago. I’m not overly happy with them as they are much earlier than I would like considering how busy I am over easter but I’m even less pleased to learn that the timetable was wrong and we will be receiving new copies tomorrow! I don’t know what I will do if the exams are even earlier! 

There is one bonus, not with exams but with coursework you have the right to ask for an extension, and you get one chance in the first year to ask for an extension without extentuating circumstances. I think this is really good of UEA as I guess some students may find it to hard to get the right balance in the first year and this gives them the opportunity to get on top of things they may have let slide and learn from their mistakes without getting in trouble with grades!!


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