And I’m off!!

Heigh ho, heigh ho, it’s off to america I go!

So my journey begins! I dashed out of my seminar yesterday afternoon having obtained the last results I’ll need for my 3000 thematic analysis that looks like a killer to write and I’ll be writing I DON’T KNOW WHEN AHHHHH!

Calm… So yes I rushed out of my seminar and got picked up by my dad. Then we caught the train to London and legged it across central London to Gatwick airport where we thought we could check in our suitcases in this thing called Twilight Check In, which basically means you dump your luggage the night before you fly to save time in the morning! However we got to Gatwick and found that the check in had closed 20 minutes previously. Damn you daddy and your need for a Starbucks in Liverpool Street Station! 

So off we went to the Travelodge we are staying in overnight and now here I am at 7am about to heave two suitcases (I packed a small suitcase as hand luggage as well, bad idea let me tell you!!!!) back to the airport and hopefully get checked in in time for our flight! 

I’m so exciting to go to America, I absolutely love Florida and I’m one of those people that literally loves the magic of DisneyWorld… I shall keep you all updated with pictures! And I’ve wanted to go to New York since I was a little girl, so this is a dream come true for me.

As to when I’m going to revise and do my coursework, that’s been a bit of an issue. I’ve made sure to do first drafts of the coursework pieces so that I have less pressure when I get back and I’ve made up revision flashcards and posters that I’ve brought with me to look at over here. However I’m not ruining a once in a lifetime holiday and I’ve been working my butt off for the last month to ensure I’ve done enough to allow myself the time off whilst I’m out here. And my working to the bone will begin again once I arrive home. I think it will be okay. I’ve been working so hard all year and I feel like I’ve got a bit of a grasp on the topics so hopefully with some serious revision when I get back I should be fine!! 

Now. Off the airport I go! See you all Stateside! 


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