The good times… And the guilt!!!

I cannot express in words how much of a good time I am having here in America! This is possibly my favourite place in the whole wide world! I love the theme parks, Disney is so magical and fantastic and Universal Studios have created some of the best sets ever! 

I love the American lifestyle as well, it’s so much more laid back and friendly than a lot of what you see in Britain. American people talk to each other, to random strangers. British people are easily recognisable by their unwillingness to converse with anyone they don’t already know! 

I wish I could post pictures to show you guys all the fantastic things I’m seeing, but the Internet connection here is so awful nothing will upload! I promise to include that when I’m back home though!

I’m feeling so guilty about doing no work however! Before I came out here I made revision flashcards to look through whilst we were queuing for the rides… On the first night I popped them in a drawer and they haven’t made an appearance yet! Every day we are halfway to the park and I’m sat in the car and all of a sudden I’m like ‘whoops, forgot again’! 

I’ve told myself that I should have enough time to finish my assignments (I was very prepared and dedicated and pushed myself really hard before we left to get a first draft of each done, in fact I’ve pretty much completed one of them!) when I return, and then still have plenty of time for revision. But the good girl inside of me always sits there and says that’s not good enough and I should at least make some effort out here. What do I do guys… Do I enjoy my holiday of a lifetime with no regret or do I buckle down and be a good student?! 


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