Holiday blues!

i’ve got the major holiday blues kicking in now. I’ve spent a good portion of today flicking through the photos and wistfully reminiscing. I had such an amazing, wonderful time in America and I’m unnervingly sad about being back home. The holiday blues are kept somewhat at bay when I’m busy but when I’ve got nothing to fill my head they weed their way in. 

I’ve gone back to work now, which I think has made it worse. We were doing week 1 of a four week rotation today and all I kept thinking was that, four weeks ago today, I was thinking that the next time I will do this my holiday will be over. What a depressing thought. A depressing thought it definitely is let me tell you! 

Onwards and upwards though. I’m so close to the freedom that is also referred to as Summer! I submitted one report today. Another is due two weeks from today and then only 2 exams stand between me and weeks of relaxation. And overtime at work i course 😉 

There was a major hiccup with said handed in report today! It’s a comparison between two groups of results to see if there is a significant difference; a very standard phrase to hear as a Psychology Undergraduate! Although my results showed that there was a significant difference both of the medians for each set of data was 1. Which makes it hard to explain how there is a significant effect, even my seminar leader struggled with it!

I’m finding it so difficult to get my head in the correct working mindset at the moment, which is very naughty of me. Anyone else having this trouble? 


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