Last lecture and seminar!

So this week marks the last week of teaching for the semester, and for the year! It’s really confusing explaining that to people as they assume that means I’m done, but of course I still have an assignment and exams to get through first!

I went to my final seminar today… There was 2 of us.. It was so unbelievably awkward, and I felt so sorry for my seminar leader because he is such a sweetie, but unfortunately he’s not that sweet that people want to see him at 9am! The seminar right after at 10am had 12 people in, so I think it must be the time. It’s so incredibly hard to drag yourself out of bed to get there for then. It’s really weird though, that me and the other girl who turned up today are the only ones in the seminar group that live off campus and we are also the only ones that turned up. It was fairly useful though as we got some good feedback for the exam (the exam that I’m totally and completely freaking out about) and I’ve not really had a chance to speak to her before and she seems really nice.

It was also my last lecture today although I must confess that I didn’t go. I don’t know what’s come over me but I’ve completely lost all willpower and determination for uni at the moment. I think it’s connected to the final assignment that I’m battling with. I’m finding it so difficult and it’s occupying my every thought, however I struggle to even look at the document for more than ten minutes before I do something else and procrastinate. I’m never usually this bad, I’m usually quite focused, especially with essays, but I’m finding this one so difficult. My guess is that the worry over that is displaying itself by trying to forget about uni work altogether by not doing anything. Little bit of psychological babble there! I wish I could give a sentimental note about what was said and shared in the last lecture but with my lack of attendance that’s not possible… Whoopsie! Neil is a good lecturer though, so I am positive he would have said something inspirational and touching! He is the criminal mastermind behind my nightmare essay however, so he’s not on my nice list right now! 

Is that normal? To develop a strong dislike for lecturers who probably don’t even know your name because they’ve set a really tough piece of work? Or is there something bizarre about me? I intend to do a congratulatory (to me) blog post when I eventually get down to a final draft of this dreaded assignment! 

It’s such a relief to not have to lug my uni bag, with books, notebooks, iPad and laptop around with me now though! I think I’ve torn so many muscles this year heaving that around! I’ve also torn so many bags in the process as well! 

On a very depressing note… The Radio 1 Big Weekender line up was released and I am sooooo incredibly jealous of everyone that got tickets. It looks like it’s gunna be such a good time. Sam Smith, Rita Ora, Taylor Swift. I can’t even think about it too much as it drives me mad with jealousy! I think I’ll come down to the campus and sneak a listen from the campus steps instead! 


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