Revision stress!

So with all assignments over and done with, a full on revision session has begun.

This is my worst nightmare! I find it so hard to keep motivated with revision! Sometimes I go through times where I can force myself to get up early and spend a whole day focusing on studying… Other times I struggle to get through an hour. 

Unfortunately this has been one of those times. I’ve always found that if I struggle to grasp a topic then I will procrastinate on doing work on that topic. When I sit down to do revision on research methods and analysis I get on fine and speed through my revision. However of the two exams this topic is so much easier! Once you’ve got your head around the general concept is fairly easy to understand in general. It usually is the less interesting of the topics. As hard as biological and cognitive is, it’s a fairly interesting learn! 

When I sit down to revise for biological and cognitive however… It’s a very different story. I find any and every excuse to stop myself from doing revision. Entering a mild stage of panic now though! I can grasp the content of subjects I have managed to make myself revise, however I’m having nightmares about the subjects I haven’t got to yet! I have 2 weeks left to revise! I can do this right! Say it with me guys!!!


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