Bank Holiday Weekend!

A rather wet bank holiday weekend this time unfortunately! All except for the majority of today! I made the most of that little bit of sunshine and had a lovely bbq at my boyfriend’s house with him and his friends. It was really enjoyable and the food was great! Has anyone ever tried chorizo sausage on the bbq before??? That was delicious! 

Work yesterday was very exciting for once! We had a shoplifter and I caught her! By caught I mean I noticed her bag which had been described to me by the managers, I then notified my manager so that she could ring the police. Unfortunately the woman did leave the store before the police arrived however we’re hoping that there is enough details now to enable them to find her! My manager got her car registration as she left which is really useful for this kind of thing! It was a bizarre day! Much busier than usual as well so it flew by! 

Anyone else out there a fan of The Waterfront? I went there for the first time on Friday night and actually really enjoyed myself! It’s a nice atmosphere and the place has different rooms so you get a real mix! I was shocked by how expensive the drinks are! £10.80 for two archers and lemonades! I know that’s not unusual in the Prince of Wales clubs however i thought that as The Waterfront was connected to the uni the prices would be cheaper!!! I think after going there I’m going to start listening to Indie and Alternative music more, as I really liked some of the songs they played which I never expected to! 

Revision still isn’t going particularly well unfortunately. As you may have guessed from my bank holiday weekend activities. I’m trying hard but it’s just so difficult to motivate myself at the moment. Talking to my friends I think everyone is having the same troubles! I feel guilty about all the studying I should be doing, and I’ve had so many nightmares about failing my Biological and Cognitive exam, yet I still can’t seem to force myself to sit there and revise!!! Anyone any tips on how to get out of my study funk?!?!

As I’m sure you all know, it’s the General Election this Thursday! I’m really struggling to decide who to vote for! I’m not a big politics fan so I don’t fully understand the policies of each of the parties. I just know that I’m very poor and some people say it’s the governments fault haha! I’m hoping to work as a polling clerk during the day on Thursday for the election. I’ve given in my application however no phone call yet which is disappointing 😦 

Anyone out there with any advice on all my dilemmas please feel free to help me out haha!!!

Revision attempt 1

Revision attempt 2


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