General Election!

So it was the general election this week, and I played a part in it! 

I worked as a Poll Clerk at a Polling Station. It was the longest day i think i have ever had! 

I had to get there for 6.30am, which meant I had to get up at 5.30!! And I didn’t leave until 10.30pm! You aren’t allowed to leave the station at all during the day either! It was actually much more fun than I imagined it to be! I learnt quite a lot about politics and I think I would apply to do it again!

Unfortunately, working did mean I was unable to vote myself. I only found out I would be doing it on Tuesday afternoon, so I didn’t have time to register for a postal vote, and as I wasn’t working at my local polling station I couldn’t vote whilst I was there. That’s a shame as it’s the first time I have been old enough and I would have liked to be involved. I think I still took advantage of the opportunities available to me though, by working in the election! 

If I’m honest I wouldn’t really have known who to vote for. Each party has so many policies and not being particularly interested in Politics I know very little about each, other than all the rumours you hear on TV and the news! 

I think I would have gone for either Liberal Democrats or the Green Party because from the policies and comparisons I have seen, these parties would have provided the best environment for me as a student and part-time retail worker. 

If I’m honest I don’t particularly like David Cameron, however with the majority of votes in his court I have to trust that the future he works for will be one I am happy in. 


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