Eat, sleep, revision, repeat 

Hey guy!

I’m so sorry that my posts have been a little lad lately but it’s coming up to that fateful time of year…. EXAMS! 

I have had one already, last Monday, and I’m quite happy to say that I think it did go alright! However, you know when you have a set of exams and you look at one and think right so that’s the one not to worry about… Yeah that was this one. I wouldn’t call it an easy exam because it was still tough, but it’s much less challenging and revision for it is very straight forward. 

My other exam as I was a lucky enough buggar to only have two, is this coming Monday. I have tomorrow off work to kill it with some last minute revision. I’m feeling super super nervous for it. There’s no words to express how nervous I am. I’ve revised and revised and revised. I get up, I do revision. I have my meals (and about a BILLION calories in snack foods, someone stop me!!!!), I wash, I go to sleep. That’s been the pattern of my life for the last week. I haven’t seen my friends, I haven’t seen my boyfriend, I haven’t done any exercise (which combined with the excessive food consumption is crushing my self esteem! I keep telling myself that I have two more days to get through and then the summer body is in progress!).

Basically I’ve reached the point that I’m tearing my hair out and bursting into spontaneous tears! I really want to do well on this exam but I’m struggling so much to understand the content! That’s one thing they don’t tell you when they talk about uni. You hear all about how it’s going to be the best days of your lives. Trust me, these last few days are have been far from my best. Some of them rank in the worst! But I guess you have to feel the pain to reep the rewards at the end right??

I’ve been feeling extra down this week because we received one of our reports back and I didn’t do very well at all. I was so disappointed as I worked so hard on it and was proud of the piece. I felt that I had earned a good grade but unfortunately my mark didn’t reflect that. It can be really tough and disappointing at first as uni work and marking schemes are much tougher and harder than what you’re used to experiencing with a levels. In a levels I was aiming for A’s and A*’s which is in the 80-90 boundaries but getting above 65 at university is considered a real achievement. My advice to anyone looking to start uni is not to be disheartened as what’s expected of you at university is so much more than what you’re previously used to dealing with. Also to take advantage of your seminar leaders, lecturers, advisors, anyone that is willing to help you because sometimes a short chat with them about your work can give you insights and tips for the future that will really help with future pieces! 

That’s all from me today, but I promise you’ll all be hearing from me much more regularly as of next week! Wish me luck for Monday 😘


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