Life on the other side 

So guys! The time has finally come! I have finished all coursework and exams!!!!!

I am so happy! I feel so relieved and the tension and stress of the last few weeks has finally gone! 

That’s not to say I feel at ease with my exams! I was happy with my first exam, however the second exam was incredibly difficult. I made the effort and wrote everything I could think of for each question, but I’m not happy with my answers. They were so waffly and vague! I know that’s not quite a real term but that’s how I felt about my answers… That I was never quite getting to the point and was just being to vague! 

But nevermind, onwards and upwards! I’m absolutely dreading the results coming out but I’m trying to put them out of my mind until it’s necessary to get them!

I had a lovely last meal with my gorgeous friends I have made this year! We all went into the city after the exam and ate the most fabulous nandos I have ever tasted! Yummy! It was so lovely to spent that last bit of time with them and was the perfect way to celebrate our exams finishing and to say goodbye! 

They’ll all be back at home now, well Becca and Lucy who are the only two that live at uni! It’s going to be so weird not seeing them all the time 😦 we’ve promised each other we shall make the effort to meet up though! Hopefully we’ll head down to Essex once or twice, and I have sometime where I have a free house over summer so we are hoping everyone could come back and stay at mine! It’s also mine and becca’s birthdays in August so we will definitely make a special effort then to see each other and celebrate! 

I had to get through one whole shift at work which I managed yesterday and now not only am I free from uni work but for a whole week I have escaped from paid work as well! 

Let summer begin!!!



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