Radio 1’s Big Weekender

So, Radio 1’s Big Weekender. It looked amazing. I’m seriously so gutted that I missed out. It was physically painful to see all the pictures on Facebook and Twitter.

Here is my list of reasons why it would have been the best festival and my list of reasons why I’m pretending not to be bothered I didn’t get to go! 

Reasons it would have been the best:

1. ITS FREE. This sounds a bit selfish but I’m a poor student. Not a lot comes free in life and a music festival where Tay Tay headlines is unlikely to be free more than once in a lifetime! 

2. It’s in Norwich. I have lived in Norwich all my life and whilst I think it’s a nice place, it’s fairly far removed from the music industry. So far, excluding encounters with Norwich City Football players, my biggest claim to celebrity fame is serving Lucy Dixon (she was in Hollyoaks and Waterloo Road, and once performed in the Theatre Royal Christmas panto) when I worked on the till in Superdrug. It’s the most bizarre thing in this world to imagine celebrities that you only regularly see on the big screen to be wandering around quaint little Norwich. 

3. It happened in a place I walk through every week! Literally these stars performed metres away from where I’ve sat in lectures and seminars this year! How amazing would it have been to have that memory every time I walk through the lawns in the next two years! 

4. It was the weekend after my exams. The perfect time for a celebration, and what a way to celebrate in style it would have been! 

5. The amount of people I would know. Thanks to the delights of Social Media I’m fully aware that over half of my friends and acquaintances from Norfolk were blessed enough to get tickets for the weekend. This festival would have been so much better than others on offer because I would’ve been guaranteed great socialising opportunities as a greater percentage of people at the event would have been known to me, when compared to an event such as V festival where equal amounts of people from all over go to! 

Reasons why I’m glad (AKA bitter) about not going:

1. I didn’t have £7 when I tried to book the tickets and I still don’t really have £7 now.

2. You couldn’t take your own food or drink in and I’m not sure how far £4.38 would have got me (don’t feel bad for me guys, it’s payday in an hour!)

3. I don’t like public toilets. 

THERE ARE NO REASONS. It looked amazing, it was amazing, I am so sad 😕

On that note, I hope anyone that was lucky enough to get tickets enjoyed themselves and really appreciated the great opportunity they had been given. I’m not jealous or bitter at all I promise 😉


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