Pimp my Barrow! 

So UEA is a brilliant university for many reasons. However they have an event which is so unique it’s one of the standout days of the UEA calendar. It’s called Pimpmybarrow which you could easily find by a simple google search or a hashtag search on Twitter. 

It basically is exactly as it sounds. You get a wheelbarrow and you ‘pimp it out’. You choose a theme for the wheelbarrow decoration and you also dress up in line with this theme. Everyone gathers in the square and it is sooooo intense and crazy to see everyone crammed into the sqUre and dressed up! 

The group then heads to Eaton Park where they take part in wheelbarrow races. Then you head into the city in smaller groups and make pit stops along the way at various pubs. 

I didn’t actually take part in the day as all my friends had either gone home already, or work Saturdays and you have to have a team of five. But I went down to UEA to see what was going on and to join in the fun. The day is done to raise money for charity and to provide a signature celebration for the end of term.



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