Work Experience!

Tomorrow is the beginning of my week long work experience at the Norfolk Constabulary!

I’m torn between being super excited and absolutely bricking it! I’m sure it’s going to be a really interesting week! I got send a schedule with what I will be doing and it looks like I’ll be meeting everyone and anyone within the police force that has a link to psychological work. I’ll also been visiting places such as the Control Room, where all calls and incidents are recorded, and the Criminal Investigation Unit! That’s the thing I’m most looking forward to, as if I do pursue a career as a forensic investigator, that’s where I would spend a lot of my time! 

I’m hoping that they like me, as I would love to be able to do experience with them next year as well! I got the experience through a friend of my dads who was a police officer, but as he has recently retired it will be hard to use that connection again. I’m nervous to ensure I make a good impression and have already got my smart outfit laid out ready and waiting! 

Work experience is so essential for Psychology, as it really helps you understand the applicability of the knowledge you gather. Also, there are so many psychology undergraduates now that employment is hard to find and experience is what will set you apart from others with a good degree behind them just like you! 

Keep your fingers crossed for me and I shall give a work experience update! 


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