Am I a police officer yet?

Hi Guys! 

My week of work experience has come to an end, and I can honestly say it was both amazing and knackering! 

I did say I would update along the way but the week has been a blur of activity both during the work experience and out and I haven’t been able to find the time! 

I’ve seen all sorts this week and spoken to almost every member of the Norfolk and Suffolk Performance and Analysis department about the work they carry out. 

It sounds really interesting and is definitely something I could imagine myself doing in the future once I leave university. 

The short explanation of their role : 

They receive data or ‘intelligence’ as it is known with the Police, and all other information obtained, regarding a crime, the suspect or person of interest in the crime and the victim, and analyse this information to try and assist officers in understanding what happened or to make more compelling evidence for a jury in court. It’s a lot more interesting than it sounds but it’s a hard role to describe. Some people in the department act as researchers, some are managers and the majority are analysts. Some of the analysts work on long term projects that can take up to 6 months to complete and help the police in terms of future crime – these analysts are called Strategic Analysts. The other analysts are referred to as Tactical, and work on short term projects that usually run alongside current or recent offences. 

They have all sorts of software to use, that searchers various kinds of databases and helps them plot maps of sat nav or cell phone data, or to create timelines showing how and where all information fits in and when it occurred. These timelines also help identify gaps in knowledge and make suggestions for the investigation. 

My favourite bits about the week were when I visited the Cells in Wymondham Holding centre. It was an interesting experience and they look absolutely nothing like you would expect! They are very clean and clinical and the environment is very controlled. They look nothing like what you would expect based on TV shows depiction police centres. However the custody officer assured me that’s because these particular cells are new. The older the facility the more like The Bill it may be! 

My other favourite moment was siting with one of Norwich’s Crime Scene Investigators yesterday! She showed me how they analysis evidence and even let me have a go at dusting for fingerprints – but don’t worry it wasn’t real evidence! The culprit in this offence was her – she stole the can of coke! 

The experience has taught me a lot and I could definitely see myself working as an analysts in the police when I finish uni!

No pictures to accompany my time I’m afraid what with the confidentiality and safety concerns! 


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