Summer Holiday Blues

So the yearly struggle has begun… Where to go on holiday! 

Now I don’t like to think of myself as a tight, but the student budget as we all know, doesn’t always stretch that far. Certainly not as far as I would like to be on a plane for – one day Barbados. But that day is not today! 

Somewhere in Europe will keep me happy, I just want nice views and hot weather, with a bright blue pool to sit around reading my book! I’ve always wanted to go to Tenerife, and Lanzarote is gorgeous. Fuerterventura (if that’s how you spell it), sounds exciting and exotic, but I have always loved and will always want to go back to Alcudia in Majorca. 

Too many choices, far too many! Luckily me and my boyfriend have got a couple of weeks off together in September, which given we work at different stores is quite lucky! I would have liked to go in June, but we didn’t have enough money saved together in time.

I know it sounds a bit unrealistic but I’m hoping we can find a good deal for around £700 altogether. Im not after a super fancy hotel, just somewhere nice and clean. We’ve been saying we are going to get a late deal, but having been looking at what’s on offer, as in the current last minute deals, I’m not sure they’ll be a real good deal on offer. My mum says there will, but I’m not sure I want to risk it and not be able to get a holiday at all. Is it better to book in advance? If I book in advance however and then see a really good late deal, I’ll be so annoyed at myself! 

Such a dilemma haha! I’m trying my hardest to save instead of spend, as I don’t want my boyfriend to feel like he has to pay for everything just because he earns more than I do! 

Wish I knew someone with a holiday home! 


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