Norwich Big Weekend, Part 1: UEA Open Day

So this weekend was big down here in Norfolk! It was the Lord Mayor’s Celebrations on Saturday, and it was also the UEA open day! Because both these events involve a lot of information I’ve decided to write them in two parts so people can focus on what is of interest to them! 

I worked at the UEA open day, and my role was as a Student Guide on the Student Union stand. I admit I was a bit worried about this role as I don’t have a major part to play in the student union, and know only the basics of what they do… NOT ANYMORE THOUGH. 

What can I now tell you about the SU…

There are 180 different societies, including obscure ones such as the Hummous society or the Quidditch Society! There are also over 60 sports clubs! The student union fully supports students who wish to set up their own society if they are unable to find something that interests them in the range already available! 

The student union also offers many other facilities to students – such as the advice team who are able to give confidential and private advise to students who are struggling with issues at university. There is also the Home Run service which helps students find accommodation in their second and third years. This team vets out and inspects properties before putting them on the market to ensure they are of appropriate living standards for students. This service does not charge students for administration fees the way commercial estate agents do, which is really handy on a student budget! 

My favourite thing to tell people yesterday was about enterprise, which is the role that the Student Union plays in employment and improvement of students and their union. The convenience store on campus, the two bars, the Unio cafe and the LCR bar are all staffed by students themselves who are paid a living wage! Money made from all of these businesses is used to pay wages and bills and ALL additional funds are placed back into enterprise to help make improvements to student life on campus! 

That was the role I had on the open day but there were many other things going on! People were placed around campus at various points to give directions. There were tours of the campus – a job I’m very glad I didn’t have given the boiling weather yesterday! There were tours of the accommodation – some in Britton House which is ensuite accommodation and some in the Ziggurats accommodation which is standard sharing of a bathroom! There were talks in each school and about student life on campus and around the sportspark. The uni pulled out all the stops to impress as well! There was a bbq in the square and live performances – from the music society and the Drama society! 

See pictures and videos from the day below! I shall post again soon about my second part of Norwich’s big Saturday – the celebrations in Norwich! 



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