Norwich’s Big Weekend, Part 2: Lord Mayor’s Celebrations! 

And now for a round up of the second part of Norwich’s big weekend!! 

Every year the city is overcome with celebrations, with funfairs, music, processions and fireworks, to celebrate the Lord Mayor of Norwich. There is something for everyone. 

There was a summer fayre selling trinkets and cultural beauties in Norwich Lanes. Chapelfield gardens played host to a bright and bubbly funfair with rides of all types. In Chapelfield corner an all day disco was set up to allow dancing through the car park (not used as a car park at this particularly time!!). The Bishop’s House was also opened for a rare occasional treat to allow people to look round the gardens. And in Eaton Park which is literally on UEA’s doorstep, a bandstand was set up to allow people the chance to listen to music and enjoy the sunshine. 

This year a new addition was added to the festivities, as one of the main roads through the city was closed to allow a giant water slide to be in operation. The slide was placed on the top of the mild hill on Rampant Horse Street and went all the way down to Red Lion Street. For anyone that is like me and not so sure on road names, that’s basically from Subway to Debenhams!! People paid £10 to go down the slide and were allowed to two go’s; all the proceeds went to charity. The weather could not have been more perfect for it on the day! I would have happily dunked myself in the water to cool off! 

The carnival is the centre piece of the celebrations and takes place at 5pm on the Saturday. There are usually around 70 floats and upwards of 2000 people participating from all walks of life, I know that my old dance school were part of the procession this year! All the money raised goes to the Lord Mayor’s charity! The route is one mile long and goes through the heart of Norwich. Depending on how many floats there are, the last float can finish the route as late as 8pm!

The list of Lord Mayor’s in Norwich dates back to 1403, and our current Lord Mayor is Judith Lubbock. She resides in her post at Norwich Guildhall. 

Here are some useful websites about the cultural experiences in Norwich!,_England


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