I passed my First Year! 

So, last week I found out that after much hard work and success, I have passed my first year! I knew I wanted to do a post on it but was so busy last week with work I thought I would leave it until I could concentrate! 

I’m so unbelievably happy. Overall I received 67.63%, which I’m very pleased with and super proud of myself. I was reasonably confident of passing, as I had some high grades to pull me up, but my biggest fear was doing so badly in the exams that I received a really low grade. That would have made my moral super low and I’m not sure how I would have felt going back into uni next year. 

I had two exams, a statistics paper, in which I received 81.50%, which I am amazed at! And a Biological and Cognitive essay paper which i achieved an exceptionally high 2:1 of 69.50%! I am astonished at that one as I really struggled with the exam but I guess it proves that hard work really does pay off in the end! 

I’ve had some really mixed results this year, from 82% to 58% all within the same module. I’m happy with my overall grade though and with assignments where I have received a lower mark than I hoped for I have made the effort to see and talk to my lecturers and ask them for guidance as to where I have gone wrong and what I can do to improve. The lecturers and seminar leaders are so helpful and kind and are always willing to help you improve. 

I guess you’ll all be seeing me next year! 😉


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