Budgeting Tip #3

For students that are on a tight budget and want to make their pennies stretch further, a good idea is to look for items on clearance. 

My main point of reference here is for Boots, primarily because I work there, but I’m sure the same thing applies to other shops as well. For instance at Boots, food items that go out of date on the same day, will be reduced in price a couple of hours before the shop closes. So whilst boots meal deals are a pretty big bargain on their own, if you fancy a couple of sandwiches for your tea one day when you’re in the city centre, head into boots around 3ish and look at the food selection. You might be able to get a super tasty sandwich for only £1, with a snack on the side for 50p! 

This tactic also works for toiletries as well. In boots stores there will usually be a clearance stand. This will have an assortment of items on, some may be products with upcoming cell by dates. However the majority of products on these shelves will be items that have recently come off shelves. There will not be anything wrong with these products, they are usually just replaced by products the exact same with new packaging or are simply no longer stocked in that particular store. This is a great way of buying things such as good quality shampoos and conditioners, cute gift sets and nice shower gels for a really good price. 


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