10 reasons I love The Waterfront Norwich

The Waterfront Norwich is home to Propaganda – self promoted as the biggest indie night in the UK. The venue itself is slightly out of the generic Norwich clubbing scene, across the water from the Queen of Iceni wetherspoons. 

Here are my 10 reasons that I love The Waterfront! 

1. It’s so cheap compared to the extortionate prices you pay along Prince of Wales. 

2. It’s a UEA run venue, which means that it’s home to numerous students. However it is not restricted to students, so the variety of people you encounter is great. 

3. There’s such a variety of places to go within the venue itself – the downstairs dancefloor, the upstairs dancefloor, the place called a cafe but sadly no food is served! 

4. It’s only £1 per item in the cloakroom. Bargain!

5. There’s no expectation to dress up in the finest outfits, the casual atmosphere makes it much more easy going and socialable.

6. They sell bottled coke and soft drinks at the bar so there’s less pressure to drink – no glasses of coke that still taste like vodka! 

7. The bouncers have the best jokes.

8. It’s not just a club venue – you can see gigs there as well – one night my dad went to gig and then I passed him as he left and I went to the Propaganda night! 

9. There’s so many comfy sofas to sit and chill on! 

10. The walls are covered in famous bands that have played there! 


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