Why Great Yarmouth is a good place to visit!

Yesterday I went to Yarmouth for the day as it was my friends 21st birthday. We had a really nice day and I was pleasantly surprised by what Yarmouth has to offer. 

Even though I live in Norwich, it’s not somewhere I visit regularly. My gran has a caravan in Felixstowe so any seaside trips tend to head in that direction!

There’s lots of lovely things to do in Yarmouth, with a varied choice of amusements – we went in one called Gold Rush. I did well on a Kung Foo Panda game but lost £4 on the 2p slot machines trying to win a £5 note. 

There are two miniature golf courses – a pirate themed one that has 9 holes and is £7 per adult or £24 per family – 2 adults and 2 children. There is also a second course that has a Caribbean theme I believe. This one has 18 holes and is £6 per person or £24 per family. We went on this course, it was great fun and the holes were challenging but not impossible! We tried to sneak on as a family but they cottoned on that we were four unrelated adults. 

There’s millions of places to get donuts, with some great offers – we got 8 for £3 and they were delicious and generously sized as well! We had the most amazing ice creams! At one stall, right up near the Pleasure Beach, they sell ice cream that’s freshly made and offer over 60 flavours, there and then each day! I had a triple chocolate and Raspberry Ripple – pretty standard. But they had all sorts of flavours such as bubblegum, Jaffa cake, malteaser, all sorts! It was so yummy and delicious! It was £2 for one scoop, £3 for 2 scoops and £4 for 3 scoops! 

In Great Yarmouth there is a sea life centre which looks great! We didn’t go in but when we looked at the brochure they have crocodiles and turtles and jellyfish and all sorts! I think I’ll be making a visit to there soon!

Yarmouth also plays host to Pleasure Beach, which is a small amusement park with an assortment of rides. You purchase tokens and use 1, 2, or 3 tokens for each ride. They have a log flume and a rollercoaster as well as fairground themed rides! 

Yarmouth town is also nice and has some lovely shops and restaurants to choose from! Debenhams, New Look, Subway and Burger King are just some of the names you’ll see in the shopping district. 

Overall Yarmouth is a great day out (pun intended) and I would definitely head there again!!!


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