Bits and bobs 

Sorry guys, it’s been a little while since I last wrote. I’ve been a busy little bee! 

I finished my holiday tidying to do list, and have successfully cleared out my wardrobe, my drawers, my shelves, under my bed, and my bathroom. Now everything is neat and tidy and in its rightful place and I’ve got rid of all the junk that is collected over the years. 

I bought a big bright pink plastic box to keep all my uni bits from this year in, carefully separated into modules and the revision bits at the bottom. I don’t want any old stuff cluttering up my files for the New Year! 

I’ve also worked up enough overtime to afford a trip to… AMSTERDAM! I’m super excited for bicycle rides along the river, canal rides, a visit to Anne Frank’s house, and many other things. I go in 15 days and it will be the beginning of my 21st birthday celebrations as I arrive back the day before! Other celebrations will include a bit Saturday night out, a day trip on the Norfolk Broads, and a meal out with all my family to celebrate the official and undeniable adulthood. 

I’ve been very busy applying for all sorts of jobs, as I feel the time has come for a change. It’s very hard to do at the moment though, as UEA haven’t finalised or realeased this years timetable so I’m very limited as to my availability to work. It’s proving very difficult to even agree to my current shifts in my current role. I work a Sunday which is obviously unaffected by my academic timetable, but my other shift is on a Tuesday evening and begins at half 5. This year my lecture finished at 5 and I would leave a little bit early and rush to work, changing in the car to make sure I was there on time. It’s not an experience I’m keen to repeat again every week this year! Next week I’ve got an interview at Givenchy!!! I’m super excited and even if nothing comes of it it will be a great experience! 

The live homepage for the blogs has now been set up, and I was also told that the link to my page was sent out in a mailing list sometime last week. I saw a huge spike in viewing and received some positive feedback which is really encouraging and pleasing! 

Sorry this post has been very vague and scattered. Just catching you guys up from my slight disappearance! I promise to right again with more focused posts in the next couple of days!!! Hope everyone is enjoying their summer! 


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