Results day crazies!

The dreaded day is finally here and I can only imagine what so many young people are feeling like right now. 

As I didn’t go to university straight after sixth form, results day wasn’t as scary for me as it was for others, as things did not depend on it so much. However I still felt very nervous, I had that crazy nervous energy where you do tj ow what to do with yourself. My parents were away, so my best friend and another friend of ours came over. We ended up staying up all night watching old TV shows like The Sleepover Club because we couldn’t sleep! 

I wish everyone that is getting their results tomorrow all the best, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that everyone gets into the university of their choosing and is happy with their results. The important thing to remember is that if you’ve done your best, no number or letter on a piece of paper can take that away from you. 

If you’re disappointed with your results, don’t beat yourself up. Be proactive and see what you can do. Ring the universities you were hoping to get into yourself, talk to them and see what they say. You don’t know how many other people haven’t made the grades to get into your course and therefore how many available spaces there are on your desired course. If a course has lots of available spaces because people didn’t get the grades they are more likely to take you on if you speak to them directly. 

One important thing to remember is to make sure you get your accommodation sorted! If you leave this to the last minute even with a place on your course you might find yourself without somewhere to live and this can be scary and difficult to sort out, especially if the university you are applying to is far away and you can’t pop down to visit and see places! 

So good luck tomorrow everyone, I hope people come away super happy. 


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