Amsterdam adventures

Hi Guys! I’m so sorry, I’m being really slack lately but it’s the last few weeks of the summer holidays and everything seems to all come at once.! 

I enjoyed Amsterdam immensely! It was absolutely lovely! I will include a post that shows some pictures and videos of the best bits. 

My highlights of Amsterdam were:

  • Attempting to climb the IAmsterdam sign but failing miserably! We saw a guy literally just pull himself straight up the I and stand on it – it was insane!
  • Bicycling around the city with our super cute tour guide from Valencia, Dutch bikes are so much comfier and easier to ride than English bikes because the seats seem to be much lower and the handlebars higher, I think I am going to get myself one!! 
  • Seeing a hundred thousand boats sail down the main canal playin music, dancing and decorated in fancy music in celebration of the SAIL festival which occurs once every five years – pretty good timing on our part right! 
  • Sunbathing in Vondelpark – Amsterdam’s answer to Central or Hyde Park 
  • Casually eating dinner in a cute little Italian to be interrupted midway through by a vicious fight between two guys over one of the waitresses!

Other activities we did included a little bit of shopping, both in the commercial department tours, a leisurely canal ride, a visit to the Sex Museum – worth a trip just to understand how bizarre some of the pictures are! I was desperate to go to Anne Franks house, however all the queue jump tickets were sold out. The queue length was approximately three hours which just didn’t seem feasibly in a three day holiday. Next time though! 

Over the course of the three days we must have got the tram roughly 40 times, to and from our hotel, to and from the station, between central locations, out for dinner and night activities, home from those, popping back to hotel during the day for a rest. The price was incredibly at only €16.80 for 72 hours. 

Our hotel was a little out of the centre but only took 20 minutes on the tram, and there was a tram stop right outside our door. 

Amsterdam is a perfect student destination. It has chilled vibes and everyone is friendly and kind. It’s got lovely activities and places, all accessible to a student budget. The entire holiday cost me around £330, that was including flights, hotel (which was absolutely lovely and definitely worth 4 stars), petrol, airport car parking, transport out there, and food. I definitely could have spent less but I chose to buy myself some lovely souvenirs and bits at the airport and we ate out a fair amount. 

I would definitely recommend Amsterdam to anyone looking to see more of the world! 


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