Birthday celebrations! 

Another reason for my slack postings recently is that it was also my birthday on Sunday, my 21st birthday! I am officially and legal an adult in all countries! How exciting! 

I had an absolutely lovely birthday! On Saturday night I went out to celebrate with my friends in a round of Pub Golf – although the golf part didn’t go to well. And on Sunday I spent the day travelling along the Norfolk Broads with my family and George. It was really lovely and scenic! We had great weather to as the rain started as we were heading home so that was lucky. I had a big family meal in the evening with all my loved ones which was great fun. It was great to be able to celebrate with all those closest to me and I’m so grateful for all the gifts people gave and for coming out to celebrate with me, I had a wonderful time. 

Tomorrow I’m heading to a spa with my beautiful best friend to have a facial and a body polish – the last of the birthday celebrations! Hopefully by tomorrow my skin will be glowing and youthful! 



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