Preparations begin

So it’s officially less than 4 weeks until I go back to uni – four weeks yesterday to be precise! And I know that sounds like a long time, but I’m going to sundown festival, working a fair bit and going on holiday, so the time is bound to fly by – exactly as it has done the 14 weeks up until now! 

To get myself ready for uni I have already made a to do list. I’ve found myself a new uni bag and put stuff in it that I won’t need before then but will be sure to want at uni. 

I’ve created a list of things I need to buy for uni. 

I’ve sorted all my previous uni stuff from last year – I’ve put it all in a box, with subjects separated by coloured card so I can easily find old essay plans and lecture notes. I’ve kept all my assignments together so I can easily look back through them. Any work or notes that may be relevant for this upcoming year I have kept in a plastic wallet that I have put in my uni bag. 

I’ve even bought an old textbook off of EBay that was recommended by a lecturer and will be looking through it and taking notes on methods and data we will be covering in our upcoming lectures. I’ve also began downloading previous studies to read through so that I can get a thorough understanding of how methods of analysis work before the hard assignments begin. 

I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to going back to uni or not – my summer off has been lovely and has, believe it or not gone far too quickly! But I’m going to make sure I give myself the best start possible by being as prepared as I can be. 

My advice to new students preparing for uni – 

Check your online account and emails for all information regarding your course so you can be sure you have received all the correct information and registered. 

Begin buying all things you need fairly soon, you don’t have to buy them all at once, but leaving the whole lot until the last minute means you are likely to forget something!

Don’t panic – stay calm and remember to enjoy yourself.

Make the most of your last few weeks before the hard work begins again! 


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